It was a lazy Saturday evening, and I was preparing for the week ahead. As I was swiping through the unread emails in my inbox, this particular email with the subject line, “HELP! Do you provide SEO optimization services” immediately caught my attention. The email read like this :

Hi Erin. Hope you’re doing good!

I am Parth aged 32. I’m in a grave situation. I once owned a bakery at Andheri West selling cakes, fancy desserts, sandwiches and fresh bread. After the lockdown, our sales dropped by 65%, forcing us to shut down the business permanently.

But I dint loose hope. I decided to operate from a cloud kitchen and got us listed with all the top online food aggregators. Sales did come but it wasn’t good enough for survival. That’s when we decided to launch our website and promote the business on social media platforms.

Going online helped us connect with customers, spread awareness about the brand and improved our sales to a certain extent.

I understand that it’s critical for any website to rank on Google. I was confused on which SEO service provider to hire, that’s when a friend told me how your SEO optimization services helped him rank his website on Google. Could you help us?

I was moved after reading the email. As I was writing back to Parth, I thought to myself that there would be many others facing similar issues.

So here I am with a hands-on SEO optimization guide which will help you understand SEO optimization.

What Is SEO Optimization? The SEO Optimization Guide

seo optimization services

SEO optimization is a complex process of optimizing a website so that it can be discovered by your target audience on search engines for terms relevant to your business. Whereas, SEO ensures that search engine “crawlers” find, scan and index your website.

Let me give you an SEO optimization tip, For example you own a bakery specializing in gluten free products. You would want your prospective customers to find your website/store whenever they are searching for gluten free bread. Using SEO optimization techniques, you can make sure that your websites pops up on search engines every time someone searches for gluten free products.

Why You Should Opt For SEO Optimization Services?

seo optimization tip
  • Generate Leads – SEO Optimized websites helps in targeting the audience who are likely to buy your products and services.
  • More Revenue – More leads coming in from your tatget audience makes it easier to convert.
  • Business Growth – Higher traffic, good leads, and improved brand awareness contributes to new growth opportunities.

A website that is SEO friendly will help you get unique visitors and definitely improves your chances of ranking on search engines.

How SEO optimization works and Some SEO Optimization Tips


SEO optimization techniques

SEO optimization services includes –

  • Website Audit – Website audit is an analysis of webpages’ factors that affect their search engine rankings.
  • Competitive Analysis – A competitive analysis is the effort to learn about, understand, and compete with the major competitors.
  • Keyword targeting – Using keywords that are relevant to the products or services you offer will help you rank highly in search engines. Keyword research is important to learn the type of keywords to target for your business.
  • On-page optimization – On page optimization takes into account all factors to take to improve its position in the search results. Measures to optimize the content of meta tags and improve the titles and descriptions of the pages. WordPress SEO Optimization Experts are high in demand these days.
  • Local search optimization – Local SEO attempts to optimize your site so that it appears more often in local search results on Google. All businesses whether they are located in a physical space or serving a geographic area can benefit from local search.
  • Backlink analysis – You can check the backlink pattern to find out what search engines think of your website. Backlink analysis also aids in discovering un-managed backlinks.
  • Image optimization – Image optimization is about reducing the file size as much as possible without sacrificing the quality to make page loading fast. It is image search engine optimization. It is advisable to get promotional images and brochures to rank first on Google and other image search engines.
  • PPC vs SEO Link Building – Connections that are relevant to your topic can be included in your website. This can be an external link from other web sites or one of your own web sites. Some external links can be paid. It is up to the website owners to decide what to include on their native websites. We should always maintain well if we use this service. SEO strategies from a professional SEO company are done to get results, consider expired backlinks and review it thoroughly. SEO provides free results whereas PPC does not (as the name implies you have to pay a cost per click).
  • Competitor Identification & Tracking – Competitor tracking Some services display page ranking and trends. It is great analysis to see how your competitor is doing.
  • Technical SEO – Improving the technical SEO for a website to increase its ranking is the main goal of SEO experts. Therefore, technical optimization is crucial to your search engine optimization strategy. Along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Technical SEO is an important part of site-building efforts. The Google Off-Page SEO is the opposite of internal page ranking.
  • Video SEO Optimization – YouTube is also another strong factor in boosting visitors for local searches. There is a potential for this type of advertising to be expanded over a period of time. Your text should be formatted so that it is a good user experience. Add your geolocation information and a custom URL to your domain name so that your website will have better local search positions. You can include call to action keywords, topics and much more to help your document be automatically included into search engine. Google has already indexed the name of the actual video. If your phone number and location has already been woven into your title, it will be much easier to be found by locals.

If your SEO strategies are not producing the desired effect, it is time to re-think your marketing plan. Keeping up with site changes and writing local reviews or content is key to local search marketing strategies. Mobile search volume has grown very rapidly in recent times. SEO optimization tools are available online which is still a vital element for Small Business. This is something that will allow businesses to compete on a global level. SEO offers great returns for investment. It begins with the Google profile. You need to have an SEO budget to explore the benefits of SEO.

You could also learn search engine optimization from us. For more details contact us and we will get back to you.

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