SEO Content Writing – An optimized guide

How do you write SEO compatible content? How do you post an SEO optimized blog? How do I write SEO rich content?

Let us find the answers in this blog post. The first thing you should focus on is SEO content writing.

Anybody can write an essay, but it requires exceptional work to create SEO optimized posts.

Here are a few tricks on writing posts to score high in search engines.

Writing articles with SEO optimized content can increase site visitors.

Besides selecting a subject, one must follow full SEO guidelines to achieve the desired outcome.

Here are a few helpful SEO contents writing tips.

Step 1 – assess the project (SEO content writing tips no one should ignore).

SEO content writing

If you are not sure what you are getting into, you are aiming in the dark.

At this point, you to decide:

  • Which keywords to use.
  • The length of the content.
  • The must-have details.
  • Where to dig information from.
  • The format of the content.

If you’re planning to continue in the SEO, get a tool like SEMrush first.

SEMrush provides a free trial so that you can thoroughly analyze and optimize keyword. This will allow you to recognize the keywords that you should be hitting.

Step 2 – Keyword Search Intent. Is SEO content writing hard?

seo content writing tips

You will quickly scan keywords on Google search. It is part of the analysis that can help you understand how Google aggregates search results.

You may have found that there are specific similar characteristics in the search results. E.g., display only listicles on some search queries.

Step 3 – Find the length of the post.

seo content writing jobs

Increase the word count to improve the rating on page one.

I am using this.

Launch SEMrush dashboard 

On-page SEO is in under SEO column.

Please type your keyword.

Choose the country and unit.

Click “Create HTML SEO template”.

Once we have gathered the details, constructing an overview is the next step.

Step 4 – Research before you start with Your SEO content writing journey.

is seo content writing hard?

Searching Google for your keyword, you can see under “People also ask” section.

Look at the top 10 search results for your targeted keyword. I know it’s many things to be completed but don’t forget these measures, making you stand out from other people.

It would help if you also looked up on Youtube to find a guide to locate the post’s length.

Pick the related questions and answer them for your summary. Don’t end here because when you probe on Google, more questions will come out.

This is a smart way to ensure you answer as many search queries as possible for improved SEO ratings.

At last, now you can get started writing your latest post and optimize it for Google!

If you are using a content management system such as WordPress, the next pieces of SEO copywriting advice you can learn are applicable for you.

Other SEO content writing tips to be considered

You can still come back to the discussion board and ask your concerns in the comment section below.

PostTitle and Metadescription

First of all, you need to distinguish between post title and meta title.

Name or topic of the article.

How the search engines display the article as search results.

If you don’t have mentioned a meta title in the SEO settings of your blog post, the post title would be viewed as the meta title.

It would help if you had your keyword in the META title.

You can access information about this here:

Post Meta Title.

Any WordPress SEO plugin enables the integration of a meta description. It plays a prominent part in search engine ranking.

A met description is identical to a sales script for any blog post.

You are expected to use keywords up to 156-characters here in your summary.

So, it would help if you started incorporating meta explanations in the background. Place the primary keyword in the meta description and keep the report innovative.

Meta tags are vital, which is why I suggest you look for SEO content writing templates on Google.

It would help if you went back to all of your past posts that may not have a meta tag and add one.

By refining your post meta details, you guarantee that your content is hitting a maximum volume of traffic.

In Google, every blog article is treated as a separate website to score different posts for those keywords.

Once you get good at this, you can start looking for SEO content writing jobs.

Optimize Graphic.

Google cannot read pictures.

Image is how Google understands the text.

To boost an image search, the right strategy is using correct image names.

Many people incorrectly share photos with the name image001.jpg.

It is a common mistake.

The most common error in naming an image is that a name is unrelated to the picture itself.

Instead, use a title like “SEO copywriting” This would help a search engine like Google pull out your content.

It’s pretty quick to edit an image and apply alt attributes manually.

I have had good results when using image alt text to at least use keyword in the image alt text.

Link and Page Material.

When it comes to new blog posts on your website, it’s still a smart idea to connect back to old posts for web pages to pick up on it.

This increases the accessibility of your website, which can minimize a bounce rate which is a significant SEO factor.

It is advisable to interlink using the anchor text.

So if you align to a post, you can click the Edit link and add a title and a link.

Ensure to mark the blog name with unique keywords appropriate to the topic.

Meta descriptions are an excellent way to use keywords.

Delete STOP words from Url.

Many words such as “a”, “an”, “the” and are overlooked by search engine.

Avoid using such words in your Url’s. Make your URL’s stop – word free.

When we create a post title such as this on – Three Strategies to Help You Make a Blog Business Strategy.

The article’s post URL is

“to” and “a” are stop words in the above case.

You should edit the permalink and delete the stop words.

Please don’t modify your blog post because it is already written.

H1, H2, H3, Sub-heading.

Use headings tags to boost SEO copywriting.

You cannot forget the most critical element of SEO:

Use proper H1, H2, and H3 headers.

In any SEO-optimized style, the post title using an H1 head tag by default. And for the following sub-heading, we can begin with an H2 heading, an H3 heading and so on.

It is always good to have heading tags for SEO; particularly when you’re composing a lengthy blog post.

Please link to the blog post heading tags for a more straightforward explanation of heading tags.

In the SEO group, they agree that you can use your keywords in the H1 tag. The outline should be generated in writing at the time of the study process.

Final Checklist:

  • Keyword
  • Plan the word limit.
  • Google check for a robust framework before you start writing.
  • Now, you can build an overview by evaluating the top 10 posts.
  • Find a set of questions people often ask from a request of “people also ask”.
  • What’s in this report?
  • Optimize the Meta Description. 
  • Use keywords in alt texts.
  • Link inside a paragraph wherever possible.
  • Ask users to interact with your content by posting a comment 
  • Using heading tags correctly (keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags).
  • Besides, check out some other relevant posts.
  • How external links boost a blog’s credibility and ranking.
  • This is the perfect keyword analysis method in every niche!
  • Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies To Rank On Google’s first page.

If you are finding all these steps, overwhelming check our SEO content writing services. You can also download our SEO content writing template from our Download section for further help.

Some of the frequent questions we get are – how much does SEO content writers make? How much should I charge per word? As a beginner, you can charge upto$1 per term and the earnings coming in depends on the number of projects you undertake.

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