What is SEO and Other Related Queries

What is SEO, and what does it stand for? What is SEO? is the top searched query on Google related to SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process of optimizing web pages to get targeted traffic from a search engine’s organic results.  SEO helps your web page rank for keywords that people are

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Backlinks in SEO – power words of 2021

What is Backlinks in SEO? Backlinks in SEO are links coming from other websites to the our website. Search engines usually see backlinks as “votes” from particular sites. Pages with a massive volume of backlinks generally have higher SERP scores. So why backlinks are important? You can see Backlinks as votes you get from other

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SEO content writing – Now trending on search engines

Is SEO content writing different from traditional content writing? Yes, is the answer.  So what makes it different. Before we dive into it, let me give an overview of what will be covered in this post.  First, we will explain SEO content writing and its types. Then we will be talking about various SEO content

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It was a lazy Saturday evening, and I was preparing for the week ahead. As I was swiping through the unread emails in my inbox, this particular email with the subject line, “HELP! Do you provide SEO optimization services” immediately caught my attention. The email read like this : Hi Erin. Hope you’re doing good! I

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SEO Content Writing – An optimized guide

How do you write SEO compatible content? How do you post an SEO optimized blog? How do I write SEO rich content? Let us find the answers in this blog post. The first thing you should focus on is SEO content writing. Anybody can write an essay, but it requires exceptional work to create SEO

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